Seahawks Marshawn Lynch Determination & Motivation

Marshawn Lynch – The Real 24! GET OFF ME!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A video to truly remember this amazing run by Marshawn Lynch and to show the non-believers what it means to achieve Beast Mode. Go Seahawks! Also this is what happens when I’m bored. Song: “Beast Mode” – BoB Nike Rookie Football Class 2007 Pro Football Draft NFL BoB – Beast Mode – Video [HD] Marshawn Lynch 67 yard touchdow run vs Saints 1-8-11 Don’t hate me NBC and BoB
Video Rating: 4 / 5

44 Responses to “Seahawks Marshawn Lynch Determination & Motivation”

  1. zAtlantaFalconz Says:

    Lmaaaaoooooo that was to funny

  2. TimXSeattle Says:

    you are hilarious… love it. I felt the same way! move, baby!! MOOOOOVVVEEE!

  3. trippynoob Says:

    Shut the fuck up

  4. mcagg18 Says:

    @doggzzza what r u gayy?

  5. doggzzza Says:

    What the fuck, stop taking other people’s audio and ideas. Get a life. The real owner of a better video is demetryjames86

  6. DeWrecked Says:

    remake on battlefield /watch?v=vV3wl6M2T4k&feature=channel_video_title

  7. thetriplebd101 Says:

    get yo fuck ass off meeeeee! lol

  8. KungPaoBubba Says:

    Yeah so what? It’s still hilarious

  9. WyldeGatesTM Says:

    You just took the audio from demetryjames86′s Ryan Grant video and put it on this clip of Marshawn Lynch. Way to go…

  10. troutman222 Says:

    this made me lol a hard brick

  11. boydbowring21 Says:

    um i learned some new words

  12. TheOfficialBMottPage Says:

    Darren Sharper HOLD MAH DIIIIICK

  13. xDEADIRISHMANx Says:

    That was spot on with the timing of the audio and video! Well done good sir!

  14. Minlicious Says:

    too bad it was 4 MOTHA FUCKAS.

  15. Mhayes127 Says:


  16. datflyguy215 Says:

    3 muddafukas

  17. bignerm Says:

    Porter got pwnd

  18. zeke83 Says:


  19. loster815 Says:

    Awesome video!!

  20. RusselRountree Says:


  21. kenny964 Says:

    text book beast mode

  22. Heyshobiz Says:

    Seahawks think they the $#it now …….yeah right

  23. schroedboss Says:

    This video is fucking sick

  24. Coolkiddz94 Says:

    LMAO….hold my DICK

  25. APviKINGsz28 Says:

    who dat?

  26. TheFrozenjay Says:


  27. tomhoodeh Says:

    B.o.B favourited this man!

  28. bato363 Says:

    B.o.B. brought me here

  29. seahawkslakersfan24 Says:

    “Greg Jenings did the same thing” SHUT UP DREW BREESS EASY!

  30. dhopper11 Says:

    what is the clip in the top left from?

  31. espben360 Says:

    porter disliked this vid 1 time because lynch got porters ass knocked on the floor.

  32. Reelo2214 Says:

    just had to be black lmao jk

  33. des696969 Says:

    anything is possible when pete carroll is your coach!

  34. wellbv Says:

    before this game… i was showing my brother the beast mode videos and playin the song over and over and he said… “beast mode don’t exist anymore”…. then this run happened and he was speechless

  35. 53maxpain53 Says:

    GET OFF ME!!!!!

  36. SBVike11 Says:

    Before I knew what beast mode was I was shouting it at the TV and then on Youtube I saw Beast Mode Marshawn Lynch and went like WTF

  37. MrBuffdaddy1 Says:


  38. TheClodfather Says:

    best run and vid ever!

  39. OkDAD10 Says:

    Probably the GREATEST run I’ve EVER seen!!!

  40. sGonzo389 Says:

    Dawg, When I Saw This I Literally Said BEAST MODE!!! Lmao! He Did Them Boys Sooo Nasty!!!

  41. soniimageproduction Says:

    nicccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeee video!!!

  42. HerelComeslThel Says:

    little boy LITTLE BOY!!!!!!!!

  43. nickj116 Says:

    Nice job on this vid, bro! BEAST MODE, baby!

  44. nice blog Says:

    The Monarch Elite of the Raw Food World.

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